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June 21st & 22nd New Hampshire Motor Speedway
It was a very busy weekend back here at NHMS with 3 races in the Legends Cars scheduled this weekend. Saturday started out with an 8am practice and qualifying in 3rd. In the 12 lap feature after moving up to second, the car faded off a bit and finished 3rd overall. This would also be a Semi Pro win for her division. Saturday night on the mini oval Taylor qualified 3rd of 18 cars in the field. On lap #1 Taylor took the lead and held it until a caution flag on lap #13. Upon restarting there seemed to be some confusion as to how to line up the field. In question was the fact that the #23 had taken the lead on the last completed lap and should be the leader. As per the rules, Taylor had the lead on the last “completed” green flag lap and should be the leader since she passed the #23 again before the yellow. Taylor re started 2nd regardless and finished third in the end. This would still a Semi Pro win for her in her division. On to Sunday morning for practice and qualifying for another 1.6 mile road course race. Taylor qualified 2nd and finished 2nd overall. The top 2 cars pretty much left the 16 car field for most of the race. Another Semi Pro divisional race win for Taylor.

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